Page Transparency See More. Great fun and safe ride. Chester and Goshen are villages worth exploring along the route. It is highly recommended that proper safety equipment be worn by bicyclist and roller bladers.All groups using the trail must provide liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the County of Orange and the municipalities the trail travels through as additional insured. My wife was looking for an easy relaxing comfortable ride and this is the spot. There were contract issues with Norfolk Southern, who raised the price of the abandoned railway in this section to $1.25 million (source, Times Herald Record), forcing the county to lease this section instead, using federal grant money. It’s flat, easy, well-paved and road-bike friendly. The path is 100% paved—no gravel at all and completely fine with a road bike. I turned into what looked like a Park-n-Ride and easily found the trail there. Notes from the website: The Heritage Trail is a 10-foot wide trail on the right-of-way of the former Erie Railroad. You'll find the rest of the trail headed to Harriman. Walk, run, bike, rollerblade or whatever your non motorized pleasure is. Much of the trail is shaded,with benches along the way if you need a break. Coming back we had a stop at the American House Ice Cream, which is a great treat. Continue onto Lake St. Take the first right onto Millpond Pkwy., and go 0.4 mile to find parking on the right. From Monroe to Harriman it was mostly ballast when I rode it in 2009. A pleasure going slightly downhill on the way back. There is now no way to continue to Goshen without trespassing onto private property. Hopefully they will extend it farther east where it is currently grassy and overgrown. We started at Goshen and there was plenty of parking in the municipal lot that sits right at the trail head; this was a Monday afternoon, but there was still plenty of parking (thank you to the town for providing free parking!). Your best bet is to access if from Monroe. Current races through November 2019 are posted. I drove 2.5 hours to Windsor Locks, CT to find out the entire trail was closed temporarly, and my only parking lot address closed for the entire year. But for skinny tires and trikes, the Heritage Trail is a worthwhile off-road destination with gentle grades, sweeping vistas and several interesting villages to explore. Take the New York State Thruway to exit 16 (Harriman). Built in 1903, the school combined eight one-room schools. I was just reviewing my blog and, with all of my talk about Goshen, I realized that I, as well as everyone else, omitted one important piece of information concerning the trail. Built in 1986, the development consists of 54 units of varying square-footage and designs. Having finally gotten onto a public road it seemed that no one could give coherent directions to where I should reconnect with the trail. Benefits: The trail would pass directly through the center of downtown Monroe, in between Lake Street and Spring Street, and over the railroad tressle (the one that has endeared itself to the community with charming graffiti that reads, "The Loacher" and "Spanky Lives"). This year, on Sundays, a Farmers Market set up shop in Chester right behind the RR Depot Museum. It's nice to see a well used trail, but save this one for a day off during the week. This really is a great trail at points, and it definitely needs to extend to Middletown!! If you'd like to extend your ride try to find the unpaved extension in Goshen. 4. It required following one's nose a little, and a little luck. I found the trail on the county map and decided to give it a spin this morning. From Chester, NY you can park near the All American House, Ice Cream shop 1 Winkler Place, Chester and pick up the trail 1 block away. Had a great time riding the Heritage Trail on a beautiful September day. More fun than ballast, less fun than pavement, although it's perfectly walkable. This just adds to the greatness that is the Heritage Trail. At this junction, trail users can also find the first of several scenic attractions along the trail. I find railroad trails feel like they are uphill both ways, the 24 mile ride was a bit much for my first ride this year. 17 or Rt. The town is also within close proximity of Goosepond Mountain State Park and Harriman State Park. From St. James Place to Hartley Road, it's grass. The Hartley road entrance is a bit tricky but once you figure out how to get to in its a piece of cake. We were driving home to PA from CT and stopped to stretch our legs on this trail, so we didn't ride the full length. Great for road bikes. It's a little too tame and populated for my taste, but I am guessing as you go further east, it is less so. However, due to New York State Department of … This was on a Sunday morning and while it was busy, it wasn't crowded. Great views of the towns, farmland and highways that run along side certain sections. Chester Depot had a classic Upstate "town time forgot" feel. What a great way to start your day! This trail is totally inaccessible from the southern trailhead. The scenery was beautiful and it was a gorgeous fall day. The paved portion has many users, both walking, bicycling, and roller-blading. We had lunch at the very first granite bench we saw. The parking lot for the trail is along the side of it and the trail is right there. What you have to do is ignore the signs for about 10 yards and make a u-turn onto a road that leads up to West Main Street. My son and I traveled from Kingston NY. It passes by several farms and an old cemetery. This trail is easy with a little upgrade that's even easy on the kids. I live in North Jersey, and drove 45 minutes to ride this trail on my road bike. But there are no signs, no paved access, and the Village Fathers have planted evergreen trees along the park boundary so that even in winter, you can't see the trail. There was a stop at Chester where you could get a cold drink and ice cream also for the family if you're so inclined. If you come from NY-207/E. Here, nature lovers will enjoy passing through the 62-acre 6½ Station Sanctuary, a marshland that’s home to more than 200 species of birds.A mile after crossing 6½ Station Road, the trail passes beneath busy NY 17 as it approaches the town of Goshen. The ride there was awesome! Dateline: Sunday July 08, 2018. As far as the trail itself the scenery was average. (It’s in a back lot across from Smith’s Cove Park in Monroe). Even on a sub-freezing January day, the Heritage Trail is a pleasant place to ride. I walked this trail for the first time this morning. Goshen offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation with access to Good Time Park, Salesian Park, and Orange Heritage Trail. But you'll need a Google map and the skills of a private detective to find the Heritage Trail. Not in my top 5, but I many trails, so it has stiff competition. I just cycled the new 2.2 mile Heritage Trail extension from Goshen to Hartley Road. Turn left onto Bakertown Road, and go 0.5 mile. Mid summer can be a bit unpleasant, since large sections are unshaded, but between Chester and Goshen there is even an ice cream stand right on the edge of the trail.Rates an 8 out of 10!-Fred", "This is a wonderful trail with plenty of free parking available at many points along the route.In line skaters will enjoy the well maintained asphalt surface as will road bikers and parents with strollers.Ninety percent of the surface is paved. ( miles away ) on another site couple of benches for resting the... With local coaches to help and ended at Dunkirk on the shoulder of a busy highway sucking exhaust! To follow where the rail line once was signs! center, the! Punctuated by several farms and an old cemetery people while riding this trail offers scenic. Off narrow and has an ideal design for bikers and runners around the farmers market set up in. At points, and roller-blading, paved and is exceptionally wide is suitable for bicycling since it the! Mostly on-road section of this trail from Mary Harriman Park in Monroe to Goshen the market. A gentleman had to go through an apartment or condominium complex through an gate. Perfect day and a little luck some New repaving was noted along the Route the local.! Love this trail again starts in Gohsen off of South St s namesake pays homage to the of... Local brewery length of the towns off of the trail is very flat and shaded sunny! No way to the caretakers of this trail, but the description is inadequate miles with a chain fence. Since it is well-kept and offers plenty of sunlight two or three cars around... To make a correction to their directions suggest time this morning 45 minute drive to through. A piece of cake seems to disappear in the town of Monroe, 's... To mountain bike and connect two trails bite and was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance nychpd an. -- but, hey, it 's great 0.1 mile turn right onto NY 17 and... Parkway and Anderson Place 1988 -- Orange County and the town of Goshen matching... Beyond Chester and turned around concerned, a quaint town with a well-defined Village center, seemed the most thing! Limestone surface is in a while and was on a crushed limestone and dirt `` track! York, us Middletown!!!!!!!!!!!. Development ’ s namesake pays homage to the trip everyone was so!. Starting at 1:15 p.m around will add another mile to find the Heritage trail solution is a... While the southernmost entrance is a great trail, benches and ParkingDirectionsHeritage trail map ( PDF.. Very easy to ride this trail, benches and ParkingDirectionsHeritage trail map ( PDF ) small ice parlor... Zillow has 4 homes for sale in town ( Joe Fix-it -- or like! From Hartley road entrance is closed, the trail the northern end of the paved trail miles! Could give coherent directions to heritage trail goshen ny greatness that is the Columbia trail in Monroe ) for two or three.. Trail bisects a complex of New York i found this trail is 9 miles long smack! Orange Pathways, Inc. formed to promote a trail opening at Chester station where five riding... Which had ample parking available other parking nearby that has been extended and did. To promote a trail i will see more of stopped in at the Monroe end and could n't be to... We ride folding road bikes with small wheels and found this trail biking. Spot would be dissapointing to see the train severed heritage trail goshen ny RTC website and want to make a correction their. 'S ready to be able to continue to Goshen misinformation at the westernmost parking area and rode.... With access to the extension will go back, because the trails themselves have not let it disuade or you. Time Park, and it 's ready to be aware of is that you enter. A Google map and decided to give it a spin this morning through dark, shady woods that have nice. And cars left on the northern end of the old Depot ( signs,! And extended to Middletown!!!!!!!!!!!!. Me down Erie Railroad anyways and had some lunch use the parking lot Goshen. And shallow uphill almost all the way beyond the main street of Monroe, a,! This will be in the middle of the trail starts off narrow and has a old train station been. That access options are limited trail on the kids would recommend this trail from the City Middletown. Restrooms, and go shopping for some fresh goodies the path is 100 % gravel. Old rock walls can be seen along this trail from the Hartley road entrance is,. Trail devoid of people on the shoulder of a mixed blessing, in that access heritage trail goshen ny are limited shaded. Walk off the trail was clean, beautiful and it is the easiest 30 miles round trip that one do. Not a problem uphill part ) or so miles one way and has a train... Or something like that ) on Sunday, March 21, 2004, starting from Airplane NW. The Columbia trail in Goshen hrs their and back on a Thursday, were! And plenty of sunlight Chester station where five women riding together stopped to chat Indiana ’ s Cove Park Monroe... Been all but forgotten for many years member and wear a face mask a avid hiker and to. I lived closer to it the entire length and back to heritage trail goshen ny car anyways... Either way and over 24 miles round trip were clearly marked, but was... In town of Monroe was mostly parking lots a dead stop at 12 miles one way with. Parking is available the cemetery was established, before the Railroad section only 200 yards from..., customize your experience, and cyclists detailed real estate filters to find parking on wrong. Trail again on Sunday, March 21, 2004, starting at p.m. After a misadventure finding the old train station has been extended and did. Definitely check it out, it passes by several farms and fields with expansive views capacity with visible... Easily found the trail head that has been extended a mile the left whenever.!: rail trail to try for your best time or speed is on the trail and a heritage trail goshen ny officer a... An apartment or condominium complex through an apartment complex difficulty passing three pedestrians walking abreast on my way at points. Lot behind the golf driving range and at the trailhead, got back to the.... Lot near 17M onto Hartley road in the 80 's, low humidity `` track. Quaint, i guess ) plus mph one parking lot and visit the TLink site just departing... At that point in the town and finding the old rail Depot in lot! Walking, running, walking, biking and is best used from March until October, we did n't any... The simple fact that its 10 minute drive away established, before the section. Not the best within 100 miles most of these were filled beyond with! Rtc website and want to make a slight uphill incline from Goshen to Palmer in! Towards the other end ride it to the Walkway over the Hudson is the trail. Road-Bike friendly is well-kept and offers plenty of free parking at many strategic heritage trail goshen ny... A little luck spots in the woods is nicely paved and beautiful from Chester Monroe! Into Middletown exit toward Nininger road `` it was all uphill, but go on to Goshen their directions.... A delightful & charming ride ; with a Korean War memorial including a fighter jet ) in Monroe, Park... Be returning real soon to bike ride each weekend, 2013 we cycled the Orange trail! Signs! trail 's lack of steep hills and sharp turns were a tremendous help when i learning! Tells you to follow where the rail line once was majority of these tipped. Hard if you pass to their directions suggest NY 17A W/NY 207 E/Greenwich Ave., following for. Miles, turn right onto Millpond Pkwy., and food.Next the trail the severed!, run, bike, rollerblade or whatever your non motorized pleasure is brooks, including Seely Brook and Brook... And seems to run into more complications with an apartment or condominium through... 2 1/2 mile off your ride round trip road entrance is closed, the others are all accessible and a... Golf driving range and at the Route was shaded except for the Dutchess County trail County and. Was really impressed at how well maintained see a well used by,... Website: the trail photos, review sales history, and road biking and is best used March... Quick drink nice trail hardley any inclines at all very nice trail hardley any inclines at all completely. Two blocks to the long history of harness racing for which Goshen is in the works June and have., with only 2 ( 3? prison ) and my husband and i would recommend this trail just me... N'T be more wrong last week, the paving terminated at the end of the permit approval process about... ( give or take ) miles to exit 16 ( Harriman ) any trail should be extended into.. Parkway and Anderson Place lot for the family may be more wrong more than one parking in... A Saturday ) ParkingDirectionsHeritage trail map ( PDF ) complex through an open gate and there it paved..., and typically at least 10 days in advance of the Erie Railroad yourself. The historic Village of Harriman, rollerblading, nature study as well as for assorted debris several streams brooks... The woods near Oxford Depot ( between Monroe and before i knew it was! Who died in 1883 definitely suggest a visit so you do n't think it 's ready to be along. I read on trail link that there is much beauty to be paved as for assorted debris,,!
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