Instead of being active at dawn and dusk, as well as overnight, mange-stricken coyotes are often observed in the daytime. If you are going to be shopping with Amazon, please select Wildlife Care of SoCal as your non-profit and .05% of your spending will be donated to us at no additional cost to you! In some years, increased numbers of infections can be seen in populations while in other years, fewer infections may be seen. Notoedric mange is an ectoparasitic disease- a parasite that lives in the skin and/or hair of an animal. A common type of mange in humans is known as scabies. He had a severe case of mange, a contagious skin condition caused by parasites burrowing into his skin, and he’d lost almost all his fur. Tommy's mange was so bad that his eyes were mostly swollen shut, which is probably why he had lost so much weight. Mange can wreak havoc on a coyote and will usually result in a fatal ending. How to Identify Mange on Dogs. Profile of a Wild Coyote suffering from Mange in a Field of Grass Mangey Coyote. Welcome to our Mange Gallery. Photos of Coyotes by Suburban Wildlife Control Coyote with mange captured after being called by the City of Wheaton for help this poor animal was in a very sad condition