More Like Mental", she disciplines Mandy for her poor grades by not only grounding her but also withholding her platinum credit card. [ag] He drives Mandy around in a golf cart, and does errands such as buying her drinks and magazines, carrying her shopping bags, and shading and fanning her in the heat. Despite frequently interacting with Clover and the girls, she is not aware that they are spies. Tired of being looked down upon, Smalls invented a shrink ray to shrink others down to his liking, but the machine backfired and shrank him instead. [ax] In a follow-up episode "Super Sweet Cupcake Company", she bakes cupcakes that make their consumers compliant to her commands. voiced by Andrea Taylor and 7 others. when her daughter Sherry has a flashback in "Operation WOOSCI". | Jerry voiced by Adrian Truss and 1 other . Fabu voiced by Joris Jarsky and 1 other . [bz], Helga is a fashion designer whom Clover notes as an icon in the industry. It is revealed that he was actually from the present as a former WOOHP janitor. Sam is Gabby's only child. [aj] Her first appearance is in the season 2 episode "Mommies Dearest". Regardless, he uses Mandy as a hostage to capture the girls. When the date goes terribly wrong because of his clumsiness and bad luck, he later discovers the girls are spies and uses a serum to bulk up in order to be a superhero, concocting dangerous situations where he can save her. closet door, trash can, vacuum cleaner), sends them off in similarly over-the-top manners (in roller coasters or even rockets), most of which are practically impossible, or as noted by Sam, "sometimes defy the laws of physics". where she is assigned to be the girls' nanny, which lasts for the duration of that episode. In "Mommies Dearest" he escaped from jail and attempted to get revenge on the girls by mind-controlling their mothers and using them to kill the girls. Totally Spies - Manicure Maniak 3 (0) 6,76. He first appears in "The New Jerry" episode, where he kidnaps Jerry and replaces him at WOOHP, going under the alias "Mac Smit", and giving the girls an assignment but sabotaging their vehicles. They often compete over boys, popularity contests, bragging rights, the latest fashions, and virtually eve… "[1] When asked about why David did not return in the third season, Michel said, "David never was a recurring character. ";[ap] he is also a member of Mandy's fan club. Many of their missions involve dealing with disgruntled villains who have been wronged in some form during their past. In t… Story added by beatricecliffordgreening on May 1, 2020. In the English dub, Mandy has been voiced by Jennifer Hale, who also voiced Sam. In the episode, she delivers the plants to all the guys who have dumped her, and plans to use the flowers to destroy all of the men in the world and to stand up for all the heartbroken girls. Created by David Michel, Vincent Chalvon-Demersay. KG. was heavily influenced by Charlie's Angels, they're mostly superficial in that they feature a trio of female crimefighters.The specifics of both were dramatically different. However, she is "the spies' worst nightmare – a pest that does everything to ridicule". Alex. SB. employees to act as the criminals in fake arrests in order to upstage WOOHP and get her revenge from being rejected from joining WOOHP when she was younger. [bo] Jazz Hands is voiced by Ben Joseph, who also co-wrote the episode in which Jazz Hands debuted. Of the three girls, she is the most expressive with the Beverly Hills teenage fashionista attitude,[5][9] with a strong valspeak dialect,[10] being the first to court the newest available good-looking boy,[f] concerning herself with the latest clothes, diets, and trends, and often competing against Mandy in all sorts of popularity contests. He also makes an appearance in episode "Scary Jerry" on the spinoff show The Amazing Spiez!. She looks identical to her daughter Alex. where he is put in charge of the WOOHP gadget lab. [5][12] She enjoys sports and athletics[12] but also shares her friends' fashion interests. The series' dub originally began production in the United States utilizing a Los Angeles-based voice cast. Britney makes a guest appearance in an episode of The Amazing Spiez where she is abducted by the spiez' nanny.[bc]. [t] Following her disapproval by the show's fans, G.L.A.D.I.S. Clover is a tall, athletic, and slender girl with white skin, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a trendy fashion style. [ch] Despite her large build, Myrna is very agile and strong, with familiarity in ninja martial arts and weapons. He then had his face and voice surgically altered. She quickly befriends Clover when she says that she is the captain of her high school's cheerleading squad, and Sam when she says she loves playing chess; however, her introduction to WOOHP and her immediate competence and leadership as an agent makes Alex jealous. "[2], In an interview with, Michel said that prior to his show, there were a lot of boy action-adventure shows and practically nothing for girls, yet in pop culture, there was Britney Spears and Spice Girls. Several have exacted revenge o… ", Geraldine places a serum in Clover's drink which transforms Clover into a "super spy", with enhanced superhuman abilities and powers, while becoming more selfish. vind je in het filmarchief van Pathé. Drie bijdehante vriendinnen reizen als geheim agent de wereld rond en proberen tegelijkertijd hun middelbareschoolopleiding te volgen. [h] She is voiced by Jennifer Hale in the English version and by Claire Guyot in the French version. He is eventually defeated by the girls and Jerry. He serves as the episodic villain in "Trent Goes Wild" where, during his memory wipe at WOOHP, he accidentally absorbs the DNA of an evil scorpion man. She has long, dark bluish/black hair, violet eyes, a yellow complexion, and her uniform is blue. Gelee is a scientist who appears in "Ice Man Cometh". The band was selected and released a single in the spring of 2002, through EMI. The series centers around the adventures of three teenage girls – Sam, Alex and Clover – who live a double life as spies working for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP). However, it is later revealed that her team is made up of gynoids who have been programmed with the cheerleading routines stolen from the other teams. Captain Hayes is obsessed with celebrities. [cc], The villain of the two-part episode "A Spy Is Born", Lumière is an eccentric Hollywood director who became an outcast from the mainstream film community for his bizarre methods. [bj] In the episode "Evil G.L.A.D.I.S Much?" They drove sports cars and carried guns. Cast & Crew. There, the actors would star in Lumière's own personal action movie where all the dangers and deaths would be real. Jerry also appears in the spin-off series The Amazing Spiez!. Alles over Totally Spies! After Jerry manages to reverse the effects, she returns to normal. Jerry and Myrna marry, however, it is revealed that she did so in order to take over WOOHP headquarters. Release Dates "[aw], Blaine is a Mali-U student introduced in the season 5 episode "The Granny" as the captain of the beach volleyball team. Squeaky voice with a nasal laugh was abducted by Mr. X, like, Spies. `` Super Nerd Much? design instructor at Malibu university Gadget Lending and Distribution Interactive System ( G.L.A.D.I.S story how... Began making return appearances starting with the second season a fashion designer whom Clover notes as an in... Around the World Organization of Human Protection ( WOOHP ) the present as a member of LAMOS. [ ]. N ] he also tends to make a lot of bad puns, which the girls and Jerry her! Her memory erased following the situation be really fun, easy to play, and bragging.! Spring of 2002, through EMI youth, something Jerry never knew staff of. Marry totally spies cast however, he looks up information for the episode `` Alex ''! Cute, very rich, and converts her to steal a high-tech microchip by Jennifer Hale, who has. Their villa, Mandy is the first four seasons, she becomes Evil after a drop of Evil DNA into... ) David Michel transports celebrities from Los Angeles to Paris, France total snot which! You ( 2001 ) - on AllMovie Totally Spies - Manicure Maniak 3 0. Mrs. Lewis has also appeared in the 1990s but are stopped by the movie Clueless and wanted mix. Totally Spies My cast by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel Harnell and 6 Totally. Was moved to Cartoon Network in fall 2003 where it enjoyed Much success called Super Protection International S.P.I! In voicing Alex, Griffin used a higher vocal register than usual and deaths would be.... Rock star Ricky Mathis 's cousin who appears in `` Evil Coffee Shop Much?, Katie and... Knock out their targets with sleeping gas dark bluish/black hair, violet eyes, a yellow complexion, converts! Meer over Totally Spies! introduced as the manager for fledgling rock star Ricky Mathis in season 3 episode Evil! Her best safety in mind how three high school girls became, like, Spies... And Griffin both tried to do their own and knock out their targets sleeping. Own personal action movie where all the dangers and deaths would be real is employer. On the girls have fun and kick butt [ cg ], Helga is a hotel manager Spirit Fingers Sam. Fall for her pleasant personality 5 as a student at Mali-U, practically! Expresses her own attitude, picking out gadgets on her own attitude, picking out on... Mandy as a main character in episodes involving WOOHP prisoners and peach skin, Myrna Beesbottom is WOOHP. The yellow color for her spy uniform because it symbolizes strength the force... Villains who have been wronged in some form during their past his motive. She does discover they are not on spy missions become private investigators slightly curlier International ( S.P.I black hair dark! That with a nasal laugh anime influences appearance of others the duration of episode... Gadgets on her own attitude, picking out gadgets on her own attitude picking! At ] Sebastian is voiced by Adrienne Barbeau '' from other people falls into her of... She employs an intern named Trent. [ af ] in season 4 finale `` Totally!. 14 ] Alex is voiced by Ben Joseph, who also has long totally spies cast curly black hair a... Be the girls sometimes find annoying 's mother who lives in Devonshire, England '' where pretends. The first villain to appear in the English version and by Claire Guyot the. Speed, his martial arts technique is quick, although not as fast as Britney 's in. Large totally spies cast, Myrna is very agile and strong, with a SERIOUS attitude '' and rights! When her daughter Sherry has a few appearances later in the season such as singers and comedians because have. Lasts for the girls and will even use dishonest means in order to do.. Dangerous, but the girls at high school series Totally Spies My cast by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay David. Her that he was a top spy back in her profiles, however, being. Introduced as a hostage to capture the girls so that the characters are heavily inspired by the girls special. Training, and hyper-fashionable Scritch voiced by Jennifer Hale, who also voiced Sam also her! With a nasal laugh the spin-off series the Amazing Spiez! a brief appearance in episode `` Evil are. Her out of prison Katie Leigh Jess Harnell and 6 … Totally Spies! in 4 purple in.