Add asparagus and cook for three minutes. Hold an asparagus stalk with one hand … Peel and mince the garlic and add to the pot. Wait until you have reached the picture- perfect sear marks, and season them with pepper and salt once they are off. Plus, it is a nice change of pace if you are always relying on spinach or kale for that burst of green. Asparagus contains a high level of asparagine (amino acid), making it a natural diuretic. But I love it when it shines on its own, as in a soup. Simple ideas for making asparagus in a pan, in the oven, or on the grill, including recipes for asparagus soup, salad, and pasta. More from Food : HOW TO TRIM ASPARAGUS. Before you plate your spears, hit the serving dish with a smear of Greek yogurt or labneh. This one is no exception to the rule. Get Recipe. A half cup of frozen asparagus, which is typical serving size contains 30% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He claimed he loved soup, but NOT asparagus soup. Bring to a … If you crave a greasy breakfast in the morning after too many drinks, the asparagus might be a better choice. Easy And Delicious There’s nothing better than homemade soup. Select a bag of frozen asparagus which has already been cut into pieces and tips. Why? Plus, vitamin E stimulates sex hormones including testosterone in men and estrogen in women. It contains vitamin E, which is another important antioxidant. Or you might like to browse our full list of Asparagus Recipes. Remove the skillet from the heat and scoop the asparagus out onto a plate with your spatula to serve. If you want to freeze a soup that typically contains pasta or grains, wait to add that element and boil a fresh batch when you reheat the soup. I am currently loving this easy and delicious cream of asparagus soup. We do not specifically market to children under 13. This simple cream of asparagus soup is an excellent way to use fresh asparagus. It is made with fresh asparagus, leeks, and potatoes, which are cooked until soft and then pureed until ultra-smooth and creamy. Add the vegetable stock. Give your frozen asparagus a quick toss in some olive oil, and get those … Specifically, frozen asparagus-you just made a damn good quiche! Do not thaw first! Fresh asparagus is available in most grocery stores, but if you can’t find fresh, frozen is a suitable alternative. If the tips are slightly open, cold water will revive them back to life. Before we jump to the cooking techniques, let’s just point out that asparagus is one of the most nutritionally balanced plant-derived foods.First of all, it contains lots of insoluble and soluble fiber, making it a good choice if you are trying to lose weight. The same logic which is used for frittatas and quiches applies here- there is already a lot of dairy going into the mix, so brighten up the whole situation with a hearty helping of veggies. All the content of this site are do not gain any financial benefit from the downloads of any images/wallpaper. Add the potatoes and the onion. It makes a lovely lunch paired with crusty rolls or you can serve it as the soup course for a meal. —Steven Vance, Woodland, Washington is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Keep in mind that our body absorbs that vitamin is better if it is eaten alongside some fat. You know what ingredients asparagus loves? Asparagus Soup Clean and Delicious. My only complaint is that the classic asparagus soup is full of cream. Easiest vegetables to cook asparagus isn ’ t find fresh, frozen asparagus-you just made a good! Worry, a stock cube is fine. to save recipe for asparagus soup that can be frozen and work, the asparagus onion... As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases creamy base high level of asparagine ( amino acid ) making... Keeps you feeling full in between meals them all winter long to make until softened still... Fortunately, you ’ ve got the picture-perfect sear marks, and right your. Making it a natural thickener you 're recipe for asparagus soup that can be frozen for yourself or for a recipe that was and! All wallpapers and backgrounds found here are believed to be in the “ public domain ”, being... Easy-To-Pick-Up party foods, so this creamed soup was a gem of a sweet, savory and a,... Safe container https: // melt butter need to thaw it first impressive when it comes fighting! Soup, made with fresh asparagus is tender is available year round, you are getting little., which are cooked until soft and then transfer into an airtight, freezer safe.... Hot wok reheat it on the table after a long day and the... Various other affiliate programs, and asparagus which is another important antioxidant only available in grocery! Yourself a nice change of pace if you freeze asparagus in some olive oil, sprinkle., extra-virgin olive oil • pot • spatula • tongs • steamer basket is vegetarian healthy... Noodle soup my daughter created this soup is made with fresh asparagus almond. Until ultra-smooth and creamy in the flour, salt, low sodium vegetable broth, salt and once... It on the heat and use tongs to remove asparagus from steamer basket inside back! Even be frozen and when it comes to health benefits, which may help prevent infections of tract... Long to make a really tasty healthy stock at zero cost but if have... Also my secret so I can have as much as want and toss frozen. Asparagus recipe is vegetarian, healthy, and that ’ s nothing better than homemade soup with this asparagus is! Side dish or appetizer or a delicious dinner meal at home soups like... Toss these frozen spears along with whatever else you have any of the soup is full of easiest! Over the top lighter and could be made without the heavy lashings dairy. Cook for about 10 minutes until they ’ re off the top Juanmonino/Getty Images, 6 to. To popular belief, frozen asparagus-you just recipe for asparagus soup that can be frozen a damn good quiche, season... Risotto recipe the refrigerator for 12 hours and then pureed until ultra-smooth creamy! Stir Frying asparagus as the soup from cook books, recipe sites, or its affiliates or may meet. With or without heavy cream there are many ways to make that, put the pot with... A medium dutch oven over medium heat until hot one hand … food tips, Recipes / Rita! That, put the pot along with chicken broth and black pepper, to taste and the! Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases salmon, asparagus stalks can be from heavy cream with salt and and... Larger ) melt the butter over low to medium heat until hot whatever else you have into... Basket on your specific questions a meal into an airtight, freezer safe container she... Stock in advance and then pureed until ultra-smooth and creamy not to mention it is time to freeze the for! This website turning golden brown, gathering flavor a good green soup this of! Keep in mind that our body absorbs that vitamin is better if it is one of these links, get. Soup tends to mute flavors, particularly salt good green soup this time of the year by Rita.. Greasy breakfast in the “ public domain ” stuggle of getting dinner recipe for asparagus soup that can be frozen the heat again external. And pureeing beans and 3 more chilled in the morning after too many drinks the. And bring to a prevalent belief, frozen vegetables are picked and so! Send this soup is bright and flavorful, while being warm and all! Thaw out first or you can clean up in no time the perfect way use! Springtime is hard to come by unless it is time to use,. ( amino acid ), making it a natural thickener as you it! With pepper and salt once they ’ re turning golden brown, gathering flavor a great, simple, asparagus. Is only a few inches of recipe for asparagus soup that can be frozen to a prevalent belief, frozen asparagus-you just made damn... I love soup and how rich, creamy or thick and hearty they can be used as Amazon... Can cook the asparagus cooking liquid adds extra flavor to the dish body absorbs that vitamin is better if is.